Easily Get PUBG Free UC Trick Now Working 100%

pubg free uc tricks mod apk

Hello everyone today we are going to share the information method ways of the PUBG Free UC Ticks which means PUBG Free unlimited cash here in this post you will get the many ways tricks of getting free easy UC we will try to provide the details all the steps plus not just one or two way we will try to share many more and more methods of getting the UC free cash Unlimited Cash in PUBG Mobile Game in these methods you will get workable ways not just wasting your time we are providing the value the result to you now here you can see the step by step method in every way just follow one and get now easily unlimited cash for the PUBG Game. Guys remember that you need to try from one to so on because of the not working maybe sometime it is also possible that the first try will work for you or second or last one you just need to try our all post article which are you reading right now.  You all know that in PUBG Game you will need guns bullets health cars much more for the better playing so for that you need money in the game cash which can help you in buying the Guns Cars health etc. every gamers will want to have much more UC in the game but for that you need to follow the rules which are going to share with you because you have not any money for the UC so you are here for free way mean you want to get the uc free totally with no cost

So now let’s go and see the methods and ways of getting free cash unlimited cash.

Here you can see we have many ways for getting free UC in PUBG Game so first we are going to know the easy methods

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1.     Easily Claim your 150 Free UC in PUBG Mobile

Recently Tencent game which is developer of the PUBG Game they announce some free UC for the users who are from South Korea so grape UC now and earn shop with it in the game if you thing that I am not from the location to which they are providing the UC then here we have solution for that as well so follow the steps for getting UC mean we are here with trick for that problem as well. So if you are from the location which mention then you can easily get the UC go to the notification message box in the game and claim the uc now otherwise you need to change your location and get the Unlimited cash in pubg you will need to have VPN for that when you activate the VPN select the location South Korea and get the 150 Free UC.

How to Get Free 150 UC if you are not from South Korea

  1. Easily just go to the google and download any one VPN like hot spot shield turbo vpn or chrome VPN Extension which can also help you out in this problem as well.
  2. When you get the VPN Install your VPN Now and Run it
  3. Now when you run it change the location to South Kora and click on the connect or activate start button to start Location Changing
  4. When you VPN Show Connected then you need to open the game
  5. No go to the message box of your game and click on the Aplogy to all Message when you click on it then click on the reward and the Free UC will be added to your Game easily

Also Watch the Video which will Help you more

Now enjoy these free cash for shopping buying something in the game let’s check another one method of getting UC


2.      PUBG Online UC Generator Free Trick

Here we are going to share another method with you which for the UC as well mean through this method trick you can get a lot of cash in the game so try on it and enjoy the shopping with money later on in the game. Here we have a tool generator which is online and working good you can see it shows many UC menus in dropdown you need to select one of the following cash which you want then just click on the Hack Now button when you clock on the hack now button they will ask for two inputs mean two information you need to give him one is User-name 2nd is Platform where you using the game Android or IOS so select your OS platform when you enter the information’s then click on the Continue button and the processing will be start for getting the Mobile Free UC for you game just wait for some time when the processing loading complete then just you will need to verify your id username so click on the verification button when verifications done then you will get the Unlimited Cash for you PUBG Mobile Game APK.

Here now we are going to share the method with more explanation as well.

3.   Get or Ear UC through App

Go to PlayStore and search for the App Jawab Do Paise Jeeto download that app right now from Zupee site install the app

Link app

 and open it when you have internet then they will ask some questions

 give him answers watch the ads and get the reward from the app which can help you in getting free UC mean they will give you some credit which is enough for PUBG Shopping so go to the link given and do


the app use is according to the instruction which provided. the image which can see is the app image the app will look like this image so download it and enjoy the rewarded from the app right now.

4. PUBG Mode with Unlimited UC 

Here now we have PUBG Mobile APK for you people which is full of unlimited UC mean if you download the app from the link which are here and install it in your phone then open and play the game here in this game mode apk you will have unlimited UC enjoy that free of cost UC from teh app right now.

Download PUBG Mod With Unlimited UC

Follow the steps of installing downloading the  pubg mobile mode apk here

5. PUBG Free UC Online Generator 

Now check another best and good site which will generates unlimited cash and bp for you game you can see the site here below you will need to select the range that how many cash you want in your game just put that value in the graphics form and then entered the generate button then you will need to enter name and platform mean Android or IOS when you entered that values then just click on the continue button processing will start and you will see the UC and BP in the screen after that just click on the verification button you will have all teh UC AND BP. you can follow the following steps which will help will in generating the UC in the site

PUBG UC Generator online free

Finally when you have done for the process they will ask for some questions verification purpose you need to follow the steps mean they will tell you that install the app game do the question answer which will be final step when you have done that they will provide you the uc and bo how much you selected.

6.  Gift Card from Google Play Store

using the apps you can earn some points mean you will need to download the apps give some answers to there questions or seeing the ads which are the reward for them in exchange then they will give you the some points which can be used in the uc buying mean without any money wast you can buy the UC by this trick as well. apps like AppKarma which is one of them download now and get reward from them. so go to google play and search for the app now download now and use it get the reward.

This was the Free or PUBG Free UC Trick through which you can get Unlimited UC for you PUBG Game so follow the steps which are provided to you in the post enjoy the UC.